10 Easy Things You Can Do To Make Your Dog Happier

There’s just no feeling like walking in the door and seeing your dog’s tail wagging wildly. As a proud dog owner, your heart probably swells with pride, knowing that you’ve completely made your dog’s day! Most dogs are generally happy animals, but there are certain things we can do to make them even happier. Keep reading to learn 10 easy things you can to make your dog happier — starting today.

  1. Give him lots of toys. Dogs love toys. Whether it’s a tennis ball, a rope or a squeaky stuffed animal, toys can keep dogs busy for hours. By always making sure your dog has lots of toys, he’ll stay physically and mentally stimulated.
  2. Take him on walks. We can’t emphasize the importance of dog walks enough! Getting your dog out of the house and getting some exercise is invaluable. Plus, he’ll love the one-on-one time he gets with you.
  3. Teach him tricks. Teaching your dog something new will help keep his mind sharp. And who can argue with getting treats for each new command learned?
  4. Help him maintain a healthy weight. An overweight dog can have a whole host of health problems. Keeping him at a healthy weight can help him feel better, look better and live longer. To see how much your dog should weigh, check with your Redlands veterinarian.
  5. Play with him. Dogs are loyal, social creatures and they simply love interacting with their owners. Even if it’s only five minutes a day, try to set aside some time to give your dog much-needed playtime. He’ll sleep better at night because of it!
  6. Bathe him regularly. When a dog is clean, he feels better. It’s normally recommended that you bathe your dog once a month to keep him feeling and looking refreshed. But check with your Inland Empire veterinarian to see if your specific breed of dog may need more frequent or less frequent baths.
  7. Give him verbal and physical praise. Just like people, dogs light up when they receive praise. So, if your dog learns a new command, acts obediently or just makes you smile, make sure to praise him both verbally and physically.
  8. Microchip him. It is estimated that more than 10 million pets are lost or stolen every year in the United States. That means one in three pets will become lost at some point during their life! This is why so many pets nowadays are microchippedMicrochipping is a quick, easy, painless procedure that yields countless benefits. If your dog ever gets lost, your reunion (thanks to microchipping) will make you both happier than words can describe. Talk to your Redlands veterinarian about getting your dog microchipped today.
  9. Feed him well — but not too well. It’s important to feed your dog a high-quality diet. But feeding too many treats and “people food” can lead to many different diseases. Feeding your dog well can help him stay happier and healthier longer.
  10. Keep up on routine veterinary care. Seeing your veterinarian on a regular basis for wellness checks is essential to the health and happiness of your dog. This is the only way you can be proactive in detecting any potential problems. Make an appointment with your Inland Empire veterinarian today!

Making your dog happy is one of the best things you can do in life! Although dogs can’t verbally say “thank you,” their tail wags, sloppy kisses and loving cuddles say it all. By trying the 10 activities outlined above, you can be sure that your dog will become even happier in no time at all.

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